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Simple Cleaning Solution: The Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover for Glass, Shower Doors, Windows, Porcelain Tile, Sinks, Toilet Bowls and Stainless Steel

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  • Hard Water Stains on your Shower Doors have met their match.

    A safe and effective way to remove hard water stains from showers doors.

    Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover

    If you're like countless other consumers, you have probably tried nearly every hard water stain cleaner that promises to remove hard water stain on your shower doors.

    The competitors in the green bottles and the grey bottles create such powerful fumes that you really have to ventilate the bathroom when you clean with them.

    Then there's the daily shower door cleaning chemicals that require you spray the shower glass daily after each use, and you guessed it, more fumes. But who has time, or even wants to, do that every day anyway?

    Well there's good news. Brite & Clean™ Simple Cleaning Solution™is better because it actually works at removing hard water stains.

    All you really need to safely and effectively remove hard water stains from your shower door glass is the Simple Solution™.

    Simply sprinkle a small amount of this "magic" powder onto a damp cleaning towel and with a little effort, you will finally have clean and clear showers doors that look like they did when they were new.

    How can we make that claim? Because our hands-on experience since 1969 in the professional window cleaning industry has proven the the Simple Solution™ will work better and quicker than its competitors.

    Every sale is backed by an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Think it won't work? Tried "everything" on the internet and in the stores? You haven't tried the Simple Solution™. The secret is getting out.

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    Hard water stain testimonials

    LOVE this product. I have the hardest water in the world! Leaves spots like crazy!! Nothing will remove BUT Brite & Clean!! Kinda expensive but believe me well worth it and it goes a long way!...
    ...moreJo. N.
    Freer, TX

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