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Simple Cleaning Solution: The Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover for Glass, Shower Doors, Windows, Porcelain Tile, Sinks, Toilet Bowls and Stainless Steel

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    Hard water stains

    Hard water stain remover

    Looking for a safe and effective way to remove the most stubborn hard water stains and water spots from glass surfaces?

    Fed up with hard water stain build-up on your shower doors and windows that you just can't seem to remove?

    hard water stains

    hard water stains...gone!

    Look no further. You've found the Simple Cleaning Solution™ for hard water stain removal ... used by professional cleaners and individual homeowners alike.

    The Simple Cleaning Solution™ is not like most other hard water stain removers on the market. Most other cleaning chemicals are liquids and create fumes that you have to breathe in while cleaning. The Simple Cleaning Solution™ is a safe, bio-degradable powder that has no detectable odors or fumes. Trusted for years by thousands of satisfied customers to get hard water stains and water spots off windows, shower doors, sinks and toilets, faucets and tile in bathrooms and kitchens ... you will be glad that you have found a simple solution for hard water stains.

    hard water stains on windows


    The cleanest my windows have been in years! Thank you. 
    Antoinette B.
    Mountain Center, CA

    Cleaned 10yr old hardwater off windows.
    Kent J.
    Cottonwood Heights, UT

     Finally got to use your product Saturday and the product is all that you claim it to be. My glass enclosed shower doors came out sparkling. Is your product available in stores?
    Ann D.
    West Chester, PA

     This product is amazing!!
    Lisa H.
    Gilbert, AZ

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    Most people really only want to know one thing: Does the Simple Cleaning Solution™ really work? The answer: Quite simply, YES! We guarantee it with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

    Order the Simple Cleaning Solution™ today and get rid of those hard to remove water spots in your home's kitchen and bathroom.

    * FREE SHIPPING applies to all domestic (United States) orders of 4 cans or greater. Get started with free shipping now.

    Each can contains 6 ounces by weight and is capable of removing stubborn hard water stains on up to 1,500 square feet of glass, granite, porcelain tile, sinks, toilets and stainless steel sinks.

    Brite & Clean’s™ Simple Cleaning Solution™ hard water stain remover is “cleaning for good”. Not only is our formula the best for removing hard water stains, lime scale and rust stains, every can you purchase helps create jobs for American’s with physical & mental disabilities. Learn more.

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    Hard water stain testimonials

    LOVE this product. I have the hardest water in the world! Leaves spots like crazy!! Nothing will remove BUT Brite & Clean!! Kinda expensive but believe me well worth it and it goes a long way!...
    ...moreJo. N.
    Freer, TX

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